1. Black Dog

From the recording Black Dog

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Black dog Black dog
you sleep outside my door
I try not to feed you,
or show you love at all
see you down the street,
slicked back hair black coat on
Oh black dog black dog
I'm not listnin' to your song

I tried to leave you,
so far out to sea,
I tried leaving you
where there's no turning back
but out on that ocean
when you're nothing but a speck
oh back dog black dog
you haven’t caught me yet

black dog black dog
why do we pretend
you say there are no others,
that I'm your only friend
I hope this is the last time,
that we ever meet,
you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing
A liar and a cheat

so black black dog
don't come round here again
leave you're whining
leave you're scathin'
save it till the end
cause I found a different colour,
now the world, can see me move
Now black dog, black dog
you're not chasing me,
I'm hunting you...